Tarahumara Relief Fund


Romayne Wheeler spends much of the year performing concerts around the world to benefit the Tarahumara. in doing so, he has built a network of supporters and friends who organize concerts and fundraisers, and who donate generously.

Recently, Romayne built a 7 room Medical Center in his remote hamlet of Retosachi. The Medical Center is also a storage and distribution point for food and other commodities in short supply.

The Tarahumara Relief Fund is used to:

Operate the Retosachi Medical Center

  • Staff the Center with a live-in nurse who will provide basic medical services to over 400 families
  • Reduce infant mortality (now 50% by age 10)
  • Practice preventive medicine including vaccinations
  • Incorporate appropriate tradicional herbal medicine
  • Provide health education.
  • Transport critical patients for advanced care.
  • Coordinate a visiting dentist program.

Foster Development For Sustainability

  • Educate Tarahumara for the moderns world and introduce technology to foster self-sufficiency.
  • Fund scholarships for secondary, technical and graduate studies to gain needed skills.
  • Maintain a parasite-free water supply to homes.
  • Capture and store rooftop rain for family gardens
  • Introduce irrigation, composting and intensive cultivation methods to multiply garden productivity.

Provide Famine And Other Relief

  • Sustain the community for an independent future
  • Deliver and distribute beans, corn and other staples
  • Provide blankets and other assistance as needed

Foundation operating costs include medical supplies & pharmaceuticals, transport of patients, water tanks & pipe, fence to exclude animals from gardens, irrigation equipment, tools, food, blankets and much more.

How can I help?

Tarahumara Relief Fund