Foundation – Romayne Wheeler el Pianista de la Sierra Rarámuri A.C.

My social project “Pro Tarahumara” includes student support through scholarships. There are many children and young people who go beyond the primary to secondary school, and unable to pay the cost of accommodation and so on, without the support of altruistic people.

Other aspects of my social project are to provide medicines, mouth care, supplies of beans and corn, etc., Improved housing, communal water supply, cultivation tools, carpentry tools, blankets, cloths and blanket so they can continue designing your beautiful dress.


Behind each donation, there is a smile saying: “Thank you”, there is a better tomorrow.

Private Donations and Concert Donations:

Fundation: “Romayne Wheeler el pianista de la Sierra Rarámuri A.C.”

Bank: SCOTIABANK Account: 00106014402 – Sucursal 008 CLABE: 044180001060144027 – (MÉXICO) SWIFT: MBCOMXMM – (AMERICA) IBAN: 044180001060144027 – (EUROPE)

Bank Address: SCOTIABANK Sucursal Torre Mayor Av. Paseo de la Reforma No. 505, Planta Baja Colónia Cuauhtémoc Delegación Cuauhtémoc México D.F. C.P. 06500

Foundation Address: Romayne Wheeler, el pianista de la Sierra Rarámuri, A.C. Río Elba # 10-401 Colonia Cuauhtémoc Delegación Cuauhtémoc México D.F.  CP 06500

Registration: R.W.E. 0709053 N-4

Please send an email to inform me of your intention and donation along with their data.

For information and report any donation write to:

Wishing you all well, I am waiting for their news.

I send a warm hug from my community Munérachi.


Romayne Wheeler

Tarahumara Relief Fund