Rarámuri Community of Munérachi

The Rarámuri Community of Munérachi, is located in the heart of the Tarahumara Mountains, on the Barranca del Cobre region and the Batopilas and Munérachi canyons, in Chihuahua, México.

¿How to get there?


To get to the Munérachi land you need to travel by paved road 257 kms. From the Chihuahua capital to the town of Creel (about 4 hrs) and from Creel travel 7 hours on a dirt road on a 4×4 truck. Note about Creel Creel is the only modern town nearby with access to food and services such as stores, clinics, churches, banks, etc.  and where other towns stock up for long seasons, due to the long distances and poor accesibility.


Tarahumara Relief Fund